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    will not include any Knowledge Tracks or KT CD upgrades.

    will include Knowledge Tracks or KT CD upgrades.


Note: The Entities... book is available from Amazon in its US edition: Entity Possession.

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Price List
KT Portal One $125.00
KT Flow of Life $125.00
KT Valley Of Light $125.00
KT Fu Xi's Mountain $125.00
KT Buzzing Forest One $125.00
KT Buzzing Forest Two $125.00
Omphalos KT (Download/DVD) $125.00
KT Foothills of the Great Mountain One $125.00
KT Foothills of the Great Mountain Two $125.00
KT Silver Lakes One $125.00
KT Silver Lakes Two $125.00
KT Subtle Bodies The Fourfold Model $115.00
KT Pantanjali's Cave One $125.00
KT Pantanjali's Cave Two $125.00
KT Death The Great Journey $130.00
KT Bubbling Mudpools One (Download/DVD) $125.00
KT Bubbling Mudpools Two (Download/DVD) $125.00
KT Bubbling Mudpools Three (Download/DVD) $125.00
Meditation, Portal To Inner Worlds $14.95
Tor zu inneren Welten 2nd Edition (PDF) $9.95
Awakening the Third Eye 3rd Edition $17.95
Regression, Past Life Therapy for Here and Now Freedom $14.95
Entities, Parasites of the Body of Energy $14.95
Planetary Forces, Alchemy and Healing $29.95
Sleeper Awaken $17.95
Forever Love, White Eagle $17.95
The Gods are Wise $17.95
The Return of the Flying Dragon $17.95
Bleeding Sun $17.95
Divine Madness and Endless Love Volume 1 $17.95